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ct_timeline.pngCurriculum Technology Instructional Development and technology teams include personnel with expertise in teaching, instructional design, program development, eLearning development and deployment, multimedia, publishing, and technical support for online hosting and delivery.

The principals at Curriculum Technology leverage their experience in teaching, academic development, management, operations, and publishing to build trusted partnerships with clients across the education and training spectrum. Curriculum Technology is proud of its extensive and growing list of client success stories.

Dan and Jon

Daniel Byram, Founder of Curriculum Technology, is a retired police lieutenant with 23 years of experience in the field and also has over 20 years of experience in curriculum design and development. He has over 13 years of teaching experience at the community college level, has been a department chair, director of education, and corporate academic program manager in the private post-secondary education industry, and a police academy commander.

Jon Doyle, President of Curriculum Technology, has worked at the intersection of instructional effectiveness, the student learning experience, administrative realities, and shifting market demands for over 20 years.

Daniel is the author or co-author of over a dozen books and has been editor and/or chief developer of over 100 custom titles and instructor resource guides in partnership with major textbook companies or for education companies. One of his titles is ‘Navigating the Regulatory Environment’ written as an internal training manual for a major publishing company. He has developed a variety of programs and courses at the diploma, associate, bachelor, and master levels with detailed campus guides, power points, media assets, and instructor manuals for major private post secondary education companies.

Daniel has extensive experience in campus operations, planning, and logistics. He has conducted on-site program inspections for clients to assure effectiveness, safety, and academic quality. He has a Masters in Human Behavior, and a Bachelors in Management.

Jon has been an adjunct faculty for undergraduate and graduate level business and marketing courses and is an author and series editor for Create Success, published by McGraw-Hill for first year college student success courses. He has written, revised, or standardized countless courses and programs offered in post-secondary institutions.

Jon lead the R&D efforts for a faculty training program that was implemented across 70 campuses and delivered to over 6,000 instructors in the United States and Canada. And he is the chief architect of Curriculum Technology’s CT2Learn online content and course delivery platform, a revolutionary approach to educational content and engagement that is experiencing exponential growth since its launch in 2013.


Curriculum Technology has an extensive background in the development of new programs, curricula, and academic products for higher education and training organizations. Curriculum Technology’s unique combination of experience and capabilities includes a broad base of crossover skills in education, publishing, elearning development, and media production, as well as the ability to effectively manage complex projects. We consistently deliver high quality results on time and on budget.

The Curriculum Technology team includes personnel with expertise at the campus, corporate, and administrative levels of education and training.

Key Members of Our Curriculum Services Team 

Project Managers 

Instructional Designers and Educational Technologists 

Subject Matter Experts 

Editorial Experts

eLearning Developers 

Web Development and Platform Design 

Software Programmers 

Graphic Design Specialists 

Voice Over Talent 

Photography and Videography Specialists 

and our Criminal Justice National Advisory Board

Curriculum Technology's Core Group

Daniel Byram
Founder, Curriculum Technology
  • Expert in campus operations and management
  • Over 30 years experience as an educator and trainer
  • Author of ten criminal justice textbooks
  • Expert in high risk / high liability training design
  • Former police academy director
Jon Doyle
President, Curriculum Technology
  • CT2Learn Architect
  • Program and Curriculum Development Expert
  • Online Learning Leader
  • Student Success Author
  • Understands and manages the nexus of academic quality, administrative realities, and market demands
Jay Taylor
Project Manager
  • Bachelors in History from UCLA
  • Masters in Learning Design and Technology from San Diego State University
  • eLearning development specialist, including design, authoring, and LMS management
  • Experience as a teacher in Japan and the United States
  • Specializing in criminal justice, healthcare, and professional development subjects
Amanda Bateman
Communications Coordinator
  • Bachelors in Marketing, University of Rhode Island
  • Master in the art of communicating
  • Outdoor enthusiast
  • Eastcoaster living the west coast dream 
  • “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Kyle Distefano
ELS Platform Manager

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