A CT Client Experience

Our number one priority

Client satisfaction is the number one priority at Curriculum Technology. We provide products and services to the most vital industry in the world: Education. CT provides unparalleled service not only to satisfy the needs of the client, but also to deliver the best possible learning experience for the students. To best accomplish this, we routinely ask our clients for feedback. From this feedback we learn better ways of servicing the client and the students. Here is some feedback we recently received in regards to our Director of Technology Solutions, David Barnes:

David was here on the campus for approximately two days and worked very closely both with Carol Molloy and myself on getting the work station prerequisites up to the proper levels (IE8), and then extensive testing with and in the user environment. He was very helpful not only with the workstations, but also worked with the students in assisting getting them signed on and resolving their password related issues. At one point he worked with his own support team and had them re-write some computer code to make absolutely sure that all the audio portions of the application operated without an issue. In all my 28 years of working in the IT industry, it was the most pleasurable and productive tech support visit I have experienced. ~ Clark Cramer, IT Technician at American Career College