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Training Professionals

And families

Kids’ Turn, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, provides comprehensive support services for children and family members who are affected by familial separation.

Kid's Turn first approached CT to help them convert their client workshop into an online course, thus enabling improved accessibility to their program as well as reach a wider audience.

Once the elearning development was complete, CT was ready for turnover, but Kids’ Turn was not ready to host the content. As their first experience with online learning, they had no knowledge of learning management systems, developing an ecourse shell, creating and managing course activation codes, and all the other details that go into presenting online training.

So CT did what we always do – we provided a solution to meet their needs and created a hosting platform for their brand new course. The hosting platform later became the CT2Learn Evolved Learning System, and Kids’ Turn now has their own branded portal into the platform where their courses are viewed by their clients today.

We're a team CT.  We couldn't have done it without you!  Thank YOU!! - Claire Barnes, Executive Director Kids' Turn
Client: Kid's Turn
Task: Production Development
Skills: Authoring
I am a believer in their e-product, support and cutting edge content development assistance.
Glendale Community College