Curriculum Technology's CT2Learn Surpasses 10,000 Members

The CT2Learn Evolved Learning System (ELS) enables students to engage in course content for less than the cost of a textbook.  Students participate in subject matter in ways never before possible utilizing one convenient, relevant, engaging, and accessible platform.  

"Since our launch of the platform in 2014 we've experienced continuous growth.  Growth in terms of the number of professors, instructors, and school/program adoptions, growth in the number of students becoming members, and growth of the platform itself.   We are much better today than we were when we launched, explains Dan Byram, partner at Curriculum Technology.  

If you haven't taken a look - and tour - of the CT2Learn ELS, we recommend you do!  The platform offers myriad opportunities for training and education, from platform content hosting (LMS), online training, eCourses, rich digital content resources, and much more.