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We build eLearning

By using a full-service curriculum development model, our talented technology and programming team provide technology integration and programming capabilities that offer high-quality development and delivery services that are on the cutting edge of progressive education and blended learning environments. Experienced instructional design and programming staff work together with subject matter experts and talented multimedia pros through a proven development process that incorporates cutting-edge technology tools that increase efficiencies, improve production quality, and ensure project success.

Our Approach to eCourse Instructional Design: The ADDIE Model

Our team incorporates a proven development process for curriculum development. Beginning with research-based methodologies and best practices in pedagogy, our team creates a custom development plan based on the principles of the ADDIE model – analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. In every project, our team incorporates into this model quality assurance checkpoints and reviews that take place throughout the entire process.

Student Experience

We understand educational theory, student engagement, and motivational design as it applies to overall learning and student success. Students therefore, encounter various dynamic instructional elements as they move through courses in an online program.

CT Believes that High Quality eLearning:

  • Increases motivation
  • Informs a learner of objectives
  • Stimulates recall of prior learning
  • Presents the content
  • Provides "learning guidance"
  • Elicits performance (practice)
  • Provides feedback
  • Assesses performance
  • Enhances retention and transfer to the job

CT Offers eLearning Development Capabilities that Include:

  • Powerful instructional design embedded in eLearning theory
  • Comprehensive alignment, and objective-based learning outcomes
  • Finding opportunities to help build self-efficacy for student success
  • Rich media and varied interactive technology integration
  • Differentiated delivery models
  • Instructor resources and curriculum support

Support and Assessment Measures: SCORM Compliance and Curriculum Services

Our team develops elearning that is SCORM compliant with a rapid development, time to market capability that is at the top of the industry. In addition to SCORM-compliant courses, blended (or hybrid) learning environments require additional curriculum materials. These include instructor lesson plans with detailed classroom activity guides, assessments, student handouts, and multimedia content for classroom presentation.

Time to Market: Rapid Development and Multiple Platforms

Our team has the capability to provide complete blended courseware curriculum assets in

short order. Multiple courses can be developed simultaneously.

Products can be developed to deliver on a variety of platforms based on client specifications to include desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices, print media, or combinations of these platforms.

I am a believer in their e-product, support and cutting edge content development assistance.
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