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We develop curricula

Curriculum Technology’s combined resources include instructional designers, subject matter experts, educational technologists, professional writers, and editors, all of whom are highly experienced in research-based approaches to course and curriculum development. Moreover, the development team is accustomed to working within compressed timeframes, capable of rapidly producing high-quality course content.

CT’s work is distinguished by the following:

  • Rapid content development
  • Scalability
  • Design simplicity
  • Integration of leading-edge teaching and learning techniques/technology
  • Measurable quality
  • Effective project management
  • Unparalleled responsiveness
  • Full service from research, concept, design, development, implementation, consulting, and coordination of third-party interface
  • Successful implementation at the organizational, instructor, and student level – resulting in high satisfaction, customer retention

Our development teams include the following:

Project Managers

  • Work in collaboration with key team members to manage project deliverables
  • Support process, development timelines, and schedules
  • Interface with clients
  • Review instructional design, ensure project quality, and final delivery of each project deliverable

Instructional Designers

  • Initiate design of the scope and sequence of the presentation of the course materials
  • Map course objectives, enabling objectives, materials, and reading
  • Ensure all aspects of instructional design throughout the lifecycle of the project

Educational Technology Specialists

  • Provide online course pedagogy and methodology
  • Coordinate instructional design and artistic aspects into eCourse development
  • Work in collaboration with development team members including project managers, instructional designers, subject matter experts, graphic artists, media talent, and programmers

Subject Matter Experts

  • Provide expertise in market research, program analysis/feasibility, program and course design
  • Provide insight into industry standards, placement options, and current trends
  • Provide guidance in the identification and creation of program descriptions, program objectives, course descriptions, and course objectives
  • Ensure correctness, appropriateness and requirements concerning in-class and out-of class activities, labs, assignments, assessments, and certifications

Additional Key Team Members

  • Technology Managers and eCourse Developers
  • Web Development and Platform Design
  • Programmers in Java Script, HTML, and Flash
  • Voice-over Talent
  • Photographers and Artists
  • Editorial and Technical Writing Team
  • Copy and developmental editors
I am a believer in their e-product, support and cutting edge content development assistance.
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