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We offer the following services

Curriculum Analysis
Curriculum Technology consultants and subject matter experts can review your curriculum in order to help identify areas of effectiveness and opportunities for improvement. Working collaboratively with your team, CT can offer insightful recommendations that help to improve student achievement, enrollment, retention, and placement rates.

New Program Development
Curriculum Technology is skilled in the area of New Program Development. By first examining market needs and current employment trends, Curriculum Technology can work within a school’s existing model to provide new and innovative ways of implementing cutting-edge programs. Covering all subject matter, Curriculum Technology employs a team of Subject Matter Experts who help to ensure that new programs properly prepare students for a successful future and career.

New Program Development- Our Process

  • Examination of current school programs, mission, and organization
  • Identification of degree, program hour, course hour and roll-out
  • Identification of implementation structure- on-line, on-ground or blended
  • New program recommendations based on market need and employment opportunities
  • Research and analysis of time, faculty and budget allocations
  • Examination of the regulatory environment and industry standards
  • Course recommendations and objectives mapped to program objectives and industry standards
  • Individual course descriptions, objectives and topics outlined
  • Textbook, products and materials recommendations

Program Revision
Curriculum Technology can also assist your school in revising its current programs. Sensitive to the ever-changing political, regulatory and employment environments, CT can aid in re-evaluating a program’s effectiveness and help to develop solutions that support a school in keeping up with the changing times.

Program Revision- Our Process

  • Examination of current program’s effectiveness and need
  • Consultation and recommendations based on market need and employment trends
  • New implementation and process recommendations
  • New course and learning outcomes design and recommendations
  • New textbook, products and materials examination and recommendations

Course Design and Curriculum Development
Curriculum Technology is passionate about designing and developing customized curriculum solutions for our schools and clientele. At the Certificate, Associates, Bachelor or Graduate Degree level, we offer experience and expertise in all areas of subject matter including; Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Allied Health, Medical Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, Information Technology, Automotive Tech and Trade industries, English, History, Life Sciences, and many more.

Course Design and Curriculum Development - Our Process and Services:

  • Examination and analysis of current instructional strategies, tools and resources
  • Recommendations for products and services that promote effectively reaching individual course learning outcomes
  • Customization of materials to fit individual templates and classroom delivery systems
  • Development, design and/or repurposing of:
  • On-line, on-ground and blended curriculum products and development
  • Customized textbooks mapped to your program and course objectives
  • Interactive Labs and Simulations
  • Lab Manuals and Workbooks
  • Technology integration
  • Instructor Resource Guides and teacher-facing lesson plans
  • Student facing PPTs and study materials
  • Course Ancillaries including: Assignments, Assessments and Activities
  • On-line and on-ground rubrics and grading tools
  • Syllabi, topics outlines and course materials
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